- Before He'll Kill You - Lady Chameleon

Lady Chameleon
With spirit tattooed on your skin
Lady Chameleon
Why is my life right therein?

I could pawn for you every day of my life
And you smile like a child and take out a knife
I'm like a wolf hungry for your lonely heart
But you shut the vault, don't let it out

Maybe there's nothing inside?!
Nothing to want, so you hide?!

I can't stop thinking again and again
I don't mind that you don?t see a man
Since I know you, all my dreams are gone
I am beside you, and I feel alone

Lady Chameleon, Lady Chameleon, Lady Chameleon
No one can trust in your eyes

Lady Chameleon
Never as real as it seems
Lady Chameleon
You falsify my dreams

Every thing around me you have to shade
You change my lie into your whim of grey
And not enough for you is that I stain my hands
You know I won't leave even if had a chance

Lady Chameleon?